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Professional Tool Kit 43746

Professional Tool Kit 43746
Comprises combined roller cabinet chest (size 616 x 330 x 1080mm) with Hammer Drill, Orbital Sander, Angle Grinder and a selection of hand tools suitable for use in the garage workshop.

Draper Tools reserves the right to substitute items in the kit of equivalent finish or quality if the original item quoted in the above list has been discontinued or is out of stock.

• 2 x adjustable wrenches
• Assorted grit aluminium oxide sanding sheets
• Circlip pliers set
• Cold chisel and punch set
• Feeler gauge
• Combination spanner set
• Combined socket set
• Crimping tool
• Curved jaw self grip pliers set
• Digital automotive analyser
• Drill and accessory kit
• Flat file & handle
• Flexible head ratcheting spanner set
• Flexible magnetic pick up tool
• Flexible shaft inspection mirror
• Hacksaw frame and blades
• Half round file & handle
• Halogen hand lamp
• Hand riveter kit
• Heavy duty wire scratch brush
• Impact screwdriver set
• Insulated terminal assortment
• Latex gloves - pack of 100
• Pliers set
• 5M/16ft measuring tape
• Screwdriver set
• Mini saw and blades
• Pry bar set
• Ratchet torque wrench
• Round file with handle
• Rubber mallet
• Soft grip pliers set
• Tinmans shears
• Torch
• Trimming knife and 5 blades
• Two flat metal cutting wheels
• Mechanics bit set
• Draper TX-STAR sockets on a rail
• Draper TX-STAR security driver set
• Waterpump pliers

£ 1,740.48

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